There was a time when people used to travel around the world with guide books, maps and different awkward printed material; that era has died out. The future is always on: it is portable and always in your pocket in the form of a smartphone or a tablet.

As a result, the relationship between travel and technology has become closer than ever, with more and more businesses turning to mobile apps to promote their services and reach customers in a more personal way.

The travel and tourism are a huge 6.3 trillion dollar industry according to the 2015 statistics. A huge part of this success has been played by mobile apps. As the partnership between the tourism industry and technology grows, both of them have earned several grand slams and much more are on the way.

Interesting facts supporting the partnership of the travel industry and apps

The 7th most downloaded app category
85% use smartphones to plan their travel when on leisure tours
72% people will post photos about their travel on social platforms like Facebook
46% check-in via their smartphones when on holidays
30% use mobile apps to find the best hotel deals
29% use mobile apps to find the best flight deals
15% users specifically download travel apps to plan a trip ahead

If truth be told, Travel & tourism industry is indeed lame without mobile apps. The wise travel company have already understood & opted for most advanced travel & tourism mobile app development and are extracting high ROI. What is your strategy for minting money by contriving a perfect Travel & Tourism mobile application for business? If you are still at sea, consult the right App design & development company to strategize.

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