Is anyone having a justifiable definition of Code Quality? We don’t think there is a good definition, and We see plenty of bad definitions. There are many definitions for Correctness. But don’t be nervous we have correct examples of code ethics.

Code Quality

Our definition of code ethics is term used to depict the speed and programming methodology used in developing codes for software. Code is directly linked with algorithmic efficiency and the speed of run-time execution for software.
Let’s make it simple, in simple words code must be Economical. No worries we will elaborate you more.

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It is altogether a different feeling when a family moves to new home. It brings new energy, motivation and a sense of satisfaction. Precisely the same thing happened with Stepin family when we moved to our new work place on 4th April, 2013, Thursday.  We are proud to own a work space which is nearby the city’s corporate base and within the vicinity of the spiritual and holy temple of Lord Krishna.

After a month long effort by our team with enjoying all odds that came in between, we together have developed a floor into a premise with enhanced amenities, bigger occupancy and above all a place which we have cultivated with our love and affection. When we Stepped in, we could feel the love that team has poured in. It is nothing short then fun to work in a place which is filled with love. It is really a second home for us.

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