It is altogether a different feeling when a family moves to new home. It brings new energy, motivation and a sense of satisfaction. Precisely the same thing happened with Stepin family when we moved to our new work place on 4th April, 2013, Thursday.  We are proud to own a work space which is nearby the city’s corporate base and within the vicinity of the spiritual and holy temple of Lord Krishna.

After a month long effort by our team with enjoying all odds that came in between, we together have developed a floor into a premise with enhanced amenities, bigger occupancy and above all a place which we have cultivated with our love and affection. When we Stepped in, we could feel the love that team has poured in. It is nothing short then fun to work in a place which is filled with love. It is really a second home for us.



When we say our team as Family, it just cannot be completed without our parents. They are the ones who have brought each of us to the level where we are today and we needed their blessings before we move to our new workplace. Parents’ obviously have shared their blessings for Stepin family but on top of it, we have came up with a unique POST BOX where team and their parents can share the emotions they wanted to share with their each other since long but just couldn’t do so till now for some reason. And to everyone’s surprise, POST BOX letters literally brought tears of joy in everybody’s eyes. It was the time where everyone came closer to each other and got associated emotionally. Strange, but this is how Stepin Solutions operates and would love to operate.

Overall the inauguration event was lifelong memorable event for us. We hope and pray that our new workplace brings prosperity and happiness. If you happen to be near to S.G. highway, Ahmedabad at any time, just drop in. We would definitely like to host you.