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At Stepin Solutions, we specialise in Magento web development. You can rely upon us to combine Magento solutions with strategy for profitable online stores. We are committed to creating successful e-commerce enterprises that have quick return on investment and help streamline your back office.

Applying strong business strategies, stringent methodologies and quality development to design the foundation of a successful online business. Our premium and cutting-edge Magento enterprise solutions leverage Magento's enormous selling potential while finely tuning and customising its inner workings to meet your objectives. We'll create you a solution that can continue to grow and evolve.

Our Magento Services:

We offer consulting and development services for the entire process of your Magneto website development from planning through to launch and maintenance. We have experienced and dedicated certified Magento developers who are enthusiasts immersed in all things about the platform and deliver results. Following are the key areas of our Magento development services.

  • Magento Custom ecommerce development
  • Magento Shopping cart development
  • Magento Store development
  • Magento Website Design
  • Magento Theme Design & Development
  • Magento Template Design & Development
  • Magento Payment Gateway Integration
  • Magento go design
  • Magento Custom Module Development

To learn more about our Magento Development Services or to Hire Magento Developers, please Contact us.


  • Wedel IT
    Wedel IT is a consulting company focused on services within virtualization, migration, desktop delivery and application delivery. .
    Xertive is an independent trading desk that specializes in display advertising. Offering services to online advertisers, publishers, advertising agencies, interactive agencies and media buyers, Xertive promises to boost campaign ROI through the use of its multiple targeting algorithms and vast inventory..
    Dhaval Khatri
    Web is a personal and portfolio website of a unique artist who is an amazing painting Artist and motivation stage performer. Website showcase his personal details, services and portfolio of Dhaval Khatri..
  • Grab The Challenge
    GTC is a niche social network application for activity (sports and fun) lovers in European countries. This website also has a iphone and android mobile apps with location tracking and advanced map features where application tracks that user is at the sports venue or not, and every member who are present at sport venue can challenge each other using the application and at the end of the event each member will be get the results of challenges they have took part in. The complex part in this project is the dynamic admin interfaces required by client. Admin has multiple users with role authentication at each level. Also, the challenges module needed a flexible and scalable database design to incorporate multiple categories of game and each category has identical features and attributes. .
    TripTwist is a social networking website for people around the world who wants to work abroad. It provides a social platform for users to share their story, make friends, get opinion, discuss topics etc and by doing the same they also get an opportunity t .
    India Film Project
    India Film Project is an online and on-ground platform for you to make a film over the weekend, away from your huff-buff schedule, and showcase it to people around and get awarded. Apart from filmmaking, IFP also includes Film Festival, Workshops, Masterc.
  • Mia
    This is custom project.
    Bacco's Wine and Cheese
    Bacco's Wine + Cheese website is an Drupal based CMS website with a intuitive responsive design to make the website usable across all devices..
    ABC Sports Camps
    ABC Sports Camps is one of the top sports camps management company in US. We developed a complete event management system which includes 3 tier systems with Super Admin, Client Admin and Front user access. Project also included the WYSIWYG interface for clients to build website and manage it on their own. The challenging part of the project was to develop an interface which allows super admin to manage various needs of clients such as client specific payment process, discount system, event creation flow for any type of events and integrating flexible yet secure payment system. .
  • Geemode Career Hub
    Career Hub is an mobile app that maps the local “hidden jobs” in Toronto GTA and Ontario areas. The app offers job alerts of your interest and location settings. It presents the jobs in your area in map and help you to navigate easily. It also saves your search history to make the past reference easy. The app comes in two version – light and full. According the subscription plan it offer features to it’s user. We have built the mobile app for Android and iOS platform and worked on building overall web services and APIs required for data processing and transmission..
    Frog Jump Puzzle
    Mobile App
    Our first and very exiting game a frog jump puzzle is now available in playstore and appstore both. But its only for genious who can swap all the frogs into opposite side by not having even a single wrong move. .
  • Caorle
    Mobile App
    Caorle is a city guide mobile app for tourists who plan to visit this city. This app has an awesome look and feel with smooth navigation which increases user experience. All tourist requirements can be fulfilled at one place like accommodation, food, transportation, entertainments, attractions etc in this city. Also tourists can perform filtering and sorting in their searches. Actually there are two apps there in this one. One for around caorle and another one for in caorle. Tourist can select routes to visit places of in/around caorle from the suggest routes list..
    We build Drupal Responsive Website using Bootstrap framework. To meet the business need, the backend interface of website includes interface for Managing sales Events, Sales Event Calendar, Special Sale and View Market Reports..
    Mobile App
    Ongage mobile application is a revolutionary email marketing technology. One can manage email campaigns via multiple ESPs from a single dashboard and this application enables app users to easily track and manage their campaigns from anywhere in the world wherever they are..
  • KIT

    KIT(Keep In Touch) is a next generation business card app on Android! Imagine a world without the outdated business cards. With KIT, you can look up and invite your favorite businesses so you can keep in touch with them. KIT is cool way for users and businesses to find and interact with each other. From law firm to gym, from laundry to restaurants, you can find and connect with any business you need. Furthermore you can organize their address and contact information on this app easily. As a business owner, you can contact with your potential clients and send them offers. It’s a win win solution for both business providers and customers!

    TOP FEATURES OF KIT:• Connect with any business• Find trusted business by many for your needs• Save the details of your favorite businesses• Many ways to contact your favorite businesses• Keep up to date with your favorite business• Share your favorite business with your friends• For business owners: send offers to people who like your business

    Shackletons Lifestyle
    Shackletons Life style is an online furniture shopping website. From here customer can purchase indoor, outdoor or garden furniture online by making online payment and can also get discounts on selection when applicable. Related items and specifications of an item also can be seen by a customer. .
    Grab The Challenge
    Mobile App
    GTC is a social network mobile application for activity (sports and fun) lovers in European countries. With this application players can perform location tracking and advanced map features where application tracks that whether player is at the sports venue or not, and every player who is present at sport venue can challenge each other using the application and at the end of the event each player will get the results of challenges they have took part in. The complex part in this project is the dynamic admin interfaces required by client. Admin has multiple users with role authentication at each level. Also, the challenges module needed a flexible and scalable database design to incorporate multiple categories of game and each category has identical features and attributes..
  • Tusnominas Wordpress
    This is Wordpress project.
    Tusnominas Custom
    This is custom project.
    This is Custom framework project.
  • Tusnominas Blog
    This is Blog project.
    Web provides professional information services to the automotive industries and heavy vehicle services. This information service of is vehicle specifications data that is compiled continuously as vehicle production .
    Catalog Application .
  • Minecraft
    The creative and building aspects of Minecraft allow User to build constructions out of textured Skins.
    Document Sharing Application .
    We have developed a Photo-sharing mobile application for iOS & Android platform. Basically, it's Instagram like app for Sneakers. The app provides an easy and simple way to send images from one user to the next. With an onslaught of apps that offers multiple features like sharing, like and comments which include website as well..
  • Ongage Magento Extension

    This extension is the official Ongage extension for Magento, which provides for automatic synchronization of Magento newsletter subscribers list with Ongage lists.

    To configure this extension all you need is an active Ongage account. With quick 2 step configuration, you will be ready to leverage benefits of the extension with Magento.

    Hackers Training
    Expect more from your training platform. ... the security of your enterprise. Put the skills you learn at The Hacker Academy to use in the real world..
    Inspiration Cosmetics
    Best cosmetics for dazzling personal styles w/color, convenience, portability, and multi-purpose uses for every lifestyle..
  • AppTwix
    Mobile App
    Exercise Your Brain! We've spent countless hours to pick the best brain games, educational apps, strategy games, and puzzles. Our focus is to help you increase your intelligence and expand your potential. This app offers you a list of well-selected brain games and puzzles. You can get the games from the Android Market™ by clicking on the icons. You also have the option to save the ones your like and share with friends. .
    Somnath Yatra
    Mobile App
    This application help devotee to find the detailed information of Somnath Temple and pilgrims facilities made available by Shree Somnath Trust which will help them to plan their visit to Somnath and make your journey comfortable. With authentic content like History of Somnath Temple, Sanskrit Shlokas in Vedas and Pooja vidhi served in the temple. Moreover, the app shares Daily darshan images of Shivaji in the app so that devotees can remain connected with Somnath Mahadev even if they are not in the vicinity of the temple. Also, there is a unique feature where devotees can scroll beads (Do Mala) of rudraksha virtually through this app with “Om Namah Shivay” mantra Jaap repeating on each bead's scroll..
    Ahmedabad Heritage City Guide
    Mobile App
    Ahmedabad has nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage City in 2016 and as a part of this project, Ahmedabad Municipality asks us to build a mobile app to get all the information about heritage on the go. This app contains details of heritage places with categories. The content is complemented with highly useful interactive maps & photos. Coupled with offline content & offline maps which help a user to find the areas they want to visit..
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