We partner with you to deliver

  • Seamless API Integrations
  • Streamlined Email Operations
  • Fine-tuned Funnel Strategy

Email - SMS - Social - Lead Gen

API Integrations & Automation

Streamline your email marketing efforts and boost ROI with our powerful email automation and integration services that save you time and drive better results.

  • API Integration
  • Dynamic Content Delivery
  • Email Marketing Dashboard
  • CMS Design & Development
  • Technical Setup Review
  • Custom Development
  • Automated Workflow Implementation

Email - SMS - Social - Lead Gen

Campaign Management

Connect with your audience and grow your business through effective email marketing campaigns designed to drive results.

  • Email Template Design
  • Campaign Management
  • Content Management
  • List Building & Management
  • Technical Operations
  • Reporting & Analysis

Email - SMS

Deliverability Consultancy

Improve your email reach and impact with our expert consultancy services that optimize deliverability, enhance sender reputation, and drive better engagement and conversions.

  • Deliverability Analysis
  • Fine tuning IP & Domain Pool
  • Vendor Evaluation & OPtimization
  • Email Infrastructure & Optimization
  • Content Analysis & Optimization
  • Inbox Placement & Analysis
  • Campaign Planning & Optimization
  • Deliverability Monitoring & Process
  • Email Authentication & Compliance management
  • Inbox Placement & Analysis

Email - SMS - Social - Lead Gen

Funnel Audit & Strategy

Transform your email marketing approach with our strategic audits that provide actionable insights and recommendations to optimize your campaigns, increase ROI, and grow your business.

  • Compliance Audit
  • Content Curation & Analysis
  • Data Analysis & Recommendations
  • Technical Setup Review
  • List Building Strategy, Review & Recommendations
  • Performance Review
  • Automation & Integration Review & Recommendations
  • Vendor Evaluation & Recommendations
  • Email Program Analysis & Recommendations

Consultancy - Execution

Omnichannel Marketing Automation

Maximize your email marketing ROI with our expert consultancy that guides you through the implementation of customized, automated campaigns that drive engagement and revenue for your business.

  • Campaign Automation
  • Email Personalization
  • Email Marketing Technology Assessment
  • Technology Research & Evaluation
  • Reporting Dashboard Design

Our Clients

What Our Clients Say About Stepin

Why Stepin?

Trusted Technology Partner
Your Trusted Partner for all technology needs

  • Take on responsibility to coordinate and communicate with Technology platform
  • Performance driven business model
  • Proven competence and capability of solving complex cross platform technical challenges

Martech Industry Expertise
9 years of experience in Performance Marketing Space

  • Automated Workflows for more than 20 Performance Agencies
  • Extensive integration experience between multiple platforms
  • Experience of working Martech Platforms for each stage in Funnel
  • Deliverability best practices consulting for each ISPs

Proven Track Records
Proven Track record in the Industry

  • Delivered business dashboards to help decision making
  • Data driven insights, analytics, development and customizations
  • Personalized delivery consulting
  • Validation and filtration of data by evaluating cross platform tracking parameters
  • Advisory and implementation of suitable tools and technologies to mitigate technical challenges

Quick to Adapt Changes
by adopting new tools and technologies

  • Starting from Enterprise CRM stage to new age niche SaaS platforms, we kept the pace with industry changes and adapted quickly
  • Delivery optimization based on ISP level changes
  • Implementing new Monetization strategy and channels as dtech space evolved