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What Our Customers Say About Us

Stepin has been helpful in a number of ways, first and foremost through ongoing support. When I uncover an issue, it's good to have a partner that I can go to and get an immediate response And know that a solution is on the way.Custom development to help meet my needs and solve the problem.
Trey Bennet
Email Marketing Consultant
Stepin Solutions proved to be our saving grace when we faced the challenge of integrating our contact management system with our emailing platform. Their impeccable communication includes clear hourly rates and time estimates, making them a trustworthy partner throughout the process.
Joan Lindhout
Manager Online at Stitching Civitas Christiana
With these other developers that work within the past, I just did not have that support. But with Stepin Solutions, I have daily communications So it's nice to actually be chased by them. So I really appreciate it.
Mark Baker & Patrick Coffey
Co-Founder Director Of Technical Operations & Sales - Marketing LOP Solutions
On a personal level, you guys are awesome. "The level of support we're getting is a whole different thing also speed and quality of their responses stand out. They genuinely try to understand the customer's issue and answers are not just yes/no copy-paste; they show deep understanding. The people we work with are professional and knowledgeable. They execute tasks exactly as we request. Their execution matches the level of our expectations.
Amit Avidar
Head of Sales at Ongage
We were really looking for a kind of Swiss knife-type company that could give us all of these solutions. Having a company like Stepin moves the needle on the dollars we get from the business. It's as simple as that. That's where the role of Stepin comes in. Actually amplifies what we can do and makes it available for everyone. make it available in real time.
Danny Tal
Chief Revenue Officer at Ongage
The founders of Stepin Solutions are personally responsible for the great and dedicated customer service and experience that Stepin Solutions provides. Stepin Solutions gives Ongage a good name. I am personally thankful to each and every employee of Stepin Solutions who serves Ongage with much dedication.
Noam Rotem
Senior Product/UX Manger & Head of Product Consulting at Ongage
Very responsive, very communicative. To react, to change, to adjust. To make processes in order to fix the things in the process in order to improve, to identify things that need to improve... We found this very, very good in Stepin.
Nitzan Aviram
VP R&D at Ongage
I found those people there very well suited for us - they are very good people, very kind people, and very understanding. I only had to say things once, and management was really involved with day-to-day operations. Working with Stepin Solutions felt like having additional team members right here with us.
Uri Tzikoni
Former VP of products at ongage