Many Digital Agencies are winning with Remote Developers. Here are the ways to do it at your own.

If you own or manage a digital agency, you would agree to the point that hiring the appropriate talent is critical to your success. But hiring the most suitable developer isn’t that easy as demand often exceeds the supply of talent in many cities.

Many agencies have started hiring remote developers to overcome the shortage. These agencies are getting ahead of the competition by ensuring they have their required talent to help their clients.

According to current research 20% (or 1 in 5) of agencies are virtual and over 80% of them agreeing that using remote employees improves productivity.  

So should you hire remote employees for your Digital Agency?

If you are facing a required talent crunch in your market or having a limited budget to spend on or looking to get things done quickly or having more workflow then your current team can accomplish then it may be its time to hire remote developers.

A remote development team is often known as a cheaper solution to hire an in-house team. When taking in account the cost of 1 senior developer in the local market which will be around $350-$400 per day, you might be able to complete your half/quarter work at the same cost, from offshoring.

Still the biggest benefit of the remote developer is not the cost saving, it is the ability to hire the appropriate person for the job. You get the best developer in the world, not the best people according to your geography without having to worry about relocating developer to your place.

But there are other compelling reasons why you may want to hire dedicated developers from offshoring companies. For example, you are serving as web development/design agency and your client come up with mobile app requirement than with their technology support, you can explore those worthy opportunities. With this extended services, your relationship with clients will become stronger.

Another advantage of having a geographically distributed team is the ability to keep the work going across different time zones and provide support for customers who may are not in the same zone as the base office. It helps in maximizing the agency’s ability to ensure that productive work is occurring all hours of the day.

Why should you hire our (Stepin Solutions) services for remote development work?

We have lots of ways to make remote working flexible. Along with the basic hiring models Monthly/Weekly and Hourly, we have On-Demand hiring model which allows you to hire developers when you need them and release them when you are done with your requirement.

We value direct and honest communication with clients and value pragmatic solutions above all else. If there is an issue, we will bring it to your attention rather telling you everything’s going great right up until the moment where it isn’t. You can check our company page and feel the similarity in client-oriented approach.

We know what is essential while working remotely. Our remote developers are some of the most argumentative people in the whole company because we hired them to be that way.  We invite you to interview our developers before deploying to any project.

Also, our developers are available with Skype/Phone/Hangout messenger and project management tool to help you to see the progress with screen sharing, add tickets, keep track of work etc. Along with developer, we will allocate you the project manager to look after your project and provide reports and updates regularly.

If you are still not convinced, here is something with which you will really fall in love. Being transparent we would provide you reports through software which capture screen so that you can get overall details of the working hours, programming, and time took for searching if needed.

We build trust and healthy relationship by signing in legal terms and agreements such as NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and another needful as per the client requirements.

Stepin solutions have been a trustworthy remote development partner for many Digital Agencies and Startups.  We have put in place process and tool to manage the associated challenges in remote working. You can refer our client testimonials that speak of our care and dedication to making your business wealthy.

If you are convincing about our abilities and desires to serve you for your web & mobile projects we invite you to put one-step forward and place your detailed requirements so we can do needful accordingly for you.

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