We follow agile & we mean it

Our Process


We have found that the best way to deliver any solution is to implement an adaptable process that works towards goals incrementally, with realistic expectations set for each stage of achievement.

Working with our project managers and Dev Team leads, we will give you an accurate picture of where the project is early and often. Working with you to determine a priority order for deliverables, we can best focus our efforts on a particular element, or on the project as a whole, depending on your immediate and long term needs.

Our preferred manner of working with clients is to schedule several weekly check-in meetings to ensure that expectations are met, instructions are clearly understood, and that time is well spent.

Agile is a project methodology normally reserved for software development that we have expanded to incorporate the whole of our web project cycle. Specifically, Agile encompasses business analysis, risk management, development, and quality assurance.

StepIn Solutions uses a combination of elements from Extreme Programming, and Scrum, as well as our own insights, experience and improvements. Given the number of ways in which our clients work, and the varying levels of complexity in any given project, StepIn Solutions has developed a holistic approach to web development, allowing us to be flexible and responsive to rapid changes, while at the same time, maintaining a tight focus on the work that needs to be done.