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"Agile Development" is an umbrella term for several iterative and incremental software development methodologies. The most popular agile methodologies include Extreme Programming (XP), Scrum, Crystal, Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), Lean Development, and Feature-Driven Development (FDD).

While each of the agile methods is unique in its specific approach, they all share a common vision and core values. They all fundamentally incorporate iteration and the continuous feedback that it provides to successively refine and deliver a software system. They all involve continuous planning, continuous testing, continuous integration, and other forms of continuous evolution of both the project and the software. They are all lightweight (especially compared to traditional waterfall-style processes), and inherently adaptable. As important, they all focus on empowering people to collaborate and make decisions together quickly and effectively.

We believe in Agility and our processes are based on the agile development methodology.

We follow the Scrum Agile methodology for all of solution design, development, delivery and support.

Our Scrum Agile Methodology is characterized by "adaptive planning","evolutionary development and delivery", "time-boxed" iterations that result in incremental releases of functional product; Hence it provides rapid and flexible response to changes and feedback.

We have built a strong support systems necessary to run agile methodology such as automated test, continuous integration and release and feedback mechanism.With vast experience in Agile, Stepin Solutions believe that Agile methodology will help in delivering the great solutions with optimal quality.