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Why Responsive Website is needed?

In the era of smart-phones that are compatible with internet, you will not prefer to carry your laptop while travelling. Suppose in the mid way you need to find nearest restaurant to book table for dinner. So you pull out your smart-phone to search the same. But unfortunately you end up with the website that is not mobile friendly.You are willing to read the website but you are hardly able to read the website and then you started zooming and scrolling just to read the website and still you are not able to read a single page, So finally you give up and go back to Google to find another website.

Has this ever happened with you? Terrible is yet to come, has this ever happened with the VISITOR of your website?

Ohh no… You can’t afford to lose the business this way. It’s time to be responsive. Yes, Responsive Web Design is the solution.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Design is a collection of techniques that allow a website to flex and adapt to the size of screen it’s being viewed on. Someone opening your site on a small smart-phone will be shown the same site as the person opening it on their laptop but the site will have noticed the constraints and automatically reformatted to give the user an experience better suited to their device. No more loading a huge website and having to zoom in and out to find the content you're looking for. Responsive web design takes into account interaction too and makes your site easier to use by acknowledging and integrating things like touch screens to aid navigation.

What Challenges/Problems Does Responsive Web Design Solve?

- Upgrade the mobile and tablet viewing experience of your website visitors - no vertical or horizontal scrolling.

- No separate websites to be designed and maintained for mobile users.

- Fluid grids work as an extension of liquid layouts - albeit in a more robust manner fitting elements into huge and small screens effortlessly.

- Style Separated from Content - Since responsive web design works through CSS media queries, you get the advantage of content management abilities of your CMS of choice. We provide Drupal and Wordpress based content-managed responsive sites.

Why Stepin Solutions for Responsive Web Design?

We specialize in latest responsive methods and frameworks to give website visitors the best user experience whether they are browsing the site on a desktop PC, tablet or mobile phone. Not only we incorporate responsive in your new website design, but if you already have a website, we can also modify it and make it responsive.


  • Designing responsive website layouts.
  • Designing unique artworks and graphics.
  • Custom Responsive Web Design.
  • Mobile app to Responsive Website Conversion.
  • Dedicated Mobile Website to Responsive Website Conversion.
  • Responsive Mobile Web Development.
  • Hire Responsive Web Design Developers.

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